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Serenity. Simplicity. Efficiency.
Follow the evolution of your site, its traffic, visibility, and the Internet users'behaviour, all this is now possible thanks to a simple and global solution: One Door.
A solution entirely devoted to audits and monitoring statistics. One Door provides in a clear way all necessary indicators and keep you automatically informed, by e-mail, of the developments on your Website.
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A clear and intuitive dashboard
At a glance, browse through the main indicators of your site
The summary of your website let you to know, in real-time, the statistics of your site for today, this week or this month, but also lists all the indicators your need and to which your attention is required.
Are the search engines crawling the site ? Did the competitors update their sites ? All these alerts let you know in a few seconds which areas require your attention or your intervention. Competely automated, this dashboard prevents you and avoid unnecessary audits.

Find in a single interface :
The current traffic rate
Visit rates, visitors, viewed pages and returning visitors for the current periods : clear data for today, this week, this month and important indicators of progress.
Summary and definition of the site
Website configuration, design specification, domain expiration : a real MSDS memo of your website.
Monitoring and Alerts
Progress of your goals and percentage reached, number of pages indexed on search engines, number of links pointing to your site, Page Rank of your site and its development, activity of the crawlers on your site in real-time, monitoring of good update of your site, monitoring of changes in the sites of your competitors.
Measure visits and viewed pages accurately
More than just a visitors counter, get valuable information.
The « Visits » interface let you know in details the information regarding the audience of your Internet site. You can easily review the key data to make the right decisions and to know the results of your decisions.
The Tags technology used by One Door counts only the real visitors. The visits made by the crawler robots are excluded from the data used.
At a glance, you can :
Know the number of visitors for the period of your choice.
For a better ease-of-use, pre-defined periods (day, month, week…) are grouped together in a menu, but you can also specify any other period.
Quantify the number of viewed pages and the hit parade of your best pages
The number of viewed pages is always greater than or equal to the number of visitors. The more viewed pages you have, more your site present interest for the users. The ranking of the most viewed pages will help you to identify the less relevant pages and gives you the possibility to correct them.
Know the averages of visits and viewed pages
The graphic show the evolution of visits for the desired periods including intermadiate situations that tell you the averages of visitors and viewed pages.
Thanks to these averages, you get valuable information on the attractiveness and usability of your website.
Traffic origins and distribution
Segmentation and clear division of different sources of traffic.
The « Traffic » interface let you know in detail the information about the origin of your visitors. Presented in the form of a color pie chart, you immediately see the different ways that provide visitors.
You have allocated human and financial resources to increase traffic to your website. Are the result at the height of your efforts and your expectations ?
The distribution of the origin of your visitors holds the following elements :
Search Engines
Visits coming from the results of searches made.
Visits coming from the sponsored link or link exchanges.
Net linking
Visits coming from sites with which you have exchanged links or registered your site.
Direct Visitors
The Internet users arrived on your site by typing your URL into their browser.
You also have a table which shows the ranking of your entry pages in order of popularity.
In contrast to the statistic tools and audience studies of classic Web, One Door details the different sources for a given page.
Thus, if the homepage of your website is the most used entry page, One Door tell you what are the different referers.
You know exactly which is the site that has been at the origin of the arrive of your visitor on your homepage.
GeoTracking & GeoMarketing
Localization of your users and Web customers.
Is your market international or national? In France, are you a global diffusor or are you limited to your department or region ? You work in an integrated network or franchise, are you sufficiently reactive to the local requests ?
One Door incorporate a precise and effective geolocation solution. A genuine tool of geoanalytic decision-making, One Door Geocode gives you all the necessary information for your geomarketing strategies.
With the funtions and features selected, the terminology to describe the Geomarketing: « LBI » Location Business Intelligence, takes its full meaning.
Localization of your Internet users :
Dymanic World Map with zoom funtion
World view, Europe view, Countries view with a display of number of visitors coming from selected areas.
Summary table, ranking in descending order of visitors to your website in number, percentage and by country.
Dynamic France Map
Overview and departamental view with a display of the number of visitors.
Summary tables, ranking in descending order of visitors to your website by department and by city.
Parameters and connection supports
Which tools are used by your visitors and how ?
Is your website searchable by all hardwares and softwares? Discover all the technical specifications of your users and adapt your website to the identified technologies.
Natural complement of the Geolocation, the technical specifications let you know if your website is available regardless of the technologies used.
The technical information is indeed crucial in the sense that a technology may be obsolete in one country but common in another. Under an international development, you remain consistent in your approach to the consumers : CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
Technical specifications :
Plugins of distribution by nature and by descending order
Flash、PDF、Java、Real Player、Windows Media player、QuickTime...
Screen resolution
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
OS (Operating Systems : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS, Linux ...)
Browsers (Windows Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari ...)
Mobile systems and new media (Smart Phones, Consoles, Media Center)
RSS Readers (Real Simple Syndication)
SWF & RIA Tracking
Follow the evolution and the visits of your sites and widget Flash.
Thanks to an innovative tracking system, get the evolution of visits to your Flash site and each of their sections. Track all your external Flash animations and follow the Buzz and the penetration of your events animations.
One Door propose a complete tracking of sites and Flash animations :
Evolution and consultation of each Flash animation of your site
View on the same graphic, the evolution of consultation of different Flash animations on your site and follow which are the most visited ones.
Analysis of the scenes consultation of each Flash animation
For each of your animations, learn which sections are the most visited and follow the evolution of the users in your complex Flash animations.
Follow the penetration of your buzz animations
Start your Buzz Marketing campaigns and other Widget and follow in real-time the penetration of your animation and detect on which sites and blogs your animation has been put forward.
Search Engines and Crawlers
More than 350 search engines and 600 crawlers identified!
The search engines are inseparable from the Internet. The studies about this subject are unanimous : Search engines contribute in a very large majority (from 75% to more than 90%) to the visits of websites.
The most famous is, of course, Google with more than 80% of the French market. Its worldwide popularity lies in the same order of porcentage.
Everybody dreams of seeing his site systematicaly appears on the first pages of the searches from Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. But, how the search engines work ?
The main function of a search engine is to browse the Web and its billion of pages to store and index them. This action is also called « crawl ».
Is your site crawled? If yes, by which search engine? and for how many pages?
Other important questions: what are the typed keywords that allow to the users to get on your website? In other words, what is the quality of your natural referencing ? About the expressions that generate traffic to your site, are they strategic for your activity ?
To answer to these questions, One Door collects and presents the following information :
Number of pages indexed by the search engines
For Google, differentiation by country(Google.fr, Google.com, Google.be, ...)
Presentation of this data as a list and as a pie chart.
Top list of requests bringing visitors : you immediately see the most popular keywords to access to your website.
Ranking of search engines traffic providers
Number of crawlers and number of search engines that made these crawling
Market distribution and visibility
Discover your competitor's positions.
A strategic and exclusive tool of One Door, Keyword Market Analysis allow you to know your position in relation to your strategic keywords and the position of your competitors on those keywords.
Ultra efficient and extremely easy to use, the tool of analysis of positions for a site, in relation to a keyword list provide you information based on the requests sent, in real-time, to the following search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Aol, Live MSN, Voila and Lycos.
Among the features of this tool :
Import your expressions and keywords
Enter your keywords, manually or from an Excel file *.csv or even *.txt, then enter the URL of the site to be analyze and validate.
An interface to calculate your position in real-time
Progressively and according to the responses obtained, you see the occurences for each keyword, in other words, for each expression, you know how many pages respond to it.
Number of occurrence of your expressions and number of searches
The number of ocurrence is important because it give you information about the type of market where the website studied (yours or from your competitors') is placed. Thus, more the number of ocurrences is higher, more generic is the market. In contrast, a low number of occurrences means a niche market.
Market segmentation and Core Business on the Web
All this information allows you, at the same time, to have an objective and clear vision of your overall market, the different segmentations and the present or absent actors.
Export, report generation and automatic tracking of the evolutions
The charts about your positions allow you to quickly identify the opportunities and threats of the markets, and well as your strengths and weaknesses.
Promotions & traffic influence
Know immediately the effectiveness of your free or paid advertising campaigns.
For referencing your website, therefore, for maximizing the number of your visitors, you have entered into partnerships with sites expected to lead traffic to you. With the « Promotion » tab, you know exacly which alliances are most effective. You can also measure the contributions of paid campaigns like Google AdWords.
The traffic, in other words the number of visitors, constitute a determinated element for the popularity of your website, thus for the development of orders and sales of services and/or products. To increase this number you can choose between free or paid solutions. Generally free opportunities are translate into links exchange. The user arrive on your site by a click made on a partner site.
You can also subscribe online for a PPC (Pay per Click) campaign, on search engines like Google or Yahoo!.
And in this case, according to the financial part at stake, it is crucial to be able to count the number of clicks and the page on your site where the user has arrived.
Easy to use, you set the « Promotion » menu indicating the key information :
Site targeted
Name of the campaign
Description of the campaign
Tag of the URL
Start Date
Finish Date
Cost: fix, daily, weekly, monthly, anual or clicking cost
The information provided is display by One Door as a pie chart with the distribution of the different partners in terms of visitors contribution. You also find this information in chart form, with rankings in descending order.
Navigation path and behaviour
An exclusive tool of One Door, find out the number of clicks on the different areas of the pages on your website.
Ergonomics, meta tags optimization or code cleanliness, check and discover the relevance information of your choice.
In the « Navigator » tab, you find the pages of your website that were previously set to meet the functions developed in One Door.
At first glance, these pages are displayed in the same way as in your current browser: Internet Explorer or Firefox for example.
But unlike these browsers, One Door provides you valuable information, simply by clicking the menu buttons coded for this purpose.
Navigate through your site and use our tools :
Percentage of clicks

To find out if your website is truly ergonomic, or if your marketing decisions are relevant, you just point the mouse over the hotspots of the studied page, and see immediately the average and number of clicks. You can rearrange the appropriate topics to increase the effectiveness of your website, especially in regard to the sales.

Meta tags
Key elements of natural referencing, the information provided in the meta tags are intended to provide additional guidance to the search engines to index your site.
Code Sources
A website correctly constructed and properly written with standard codes respecting the W3C ® (World Wide Web Consortium) also contributes significantly to your website natural referencing. View and control the code sources of your pages in one click!
With the « Navigator » tab, take also notice of all the technical characteristics, quantitative and qualitative, of the pages of your website :
Load time
Number of links
Number of images
Number of kinematic Flash
Number of RSS
Number of CSS
Number of scripts
Goals and return of investment
Create targets and a performance threshold for your sites.
Define the fix and variable costs of your site, its promotions and maintenance, and be alerted about the goals and profitability threshold achievements. Track the evolution of your visitor's costs or your shopping cart avergages on your online store.
Precise marketing and financial indications :
Determine the cost of your promotions
Your promotion costs broacasted and amortized over the period of your choice.
Costs of promotion and maintenance
Add all the additional costs of deployment and maintenance of your site and list precisely each of the necessary lines of expenditure to better evaluate your threshold of profitability.
Setting goals and alerts
Set performance criteria (traffic, processing, sales online, contact forms) and be alerted in case of accomplish or delay of your goals.
Give targets and a performance threshold to your sites.
Be free in your management and create unlimited users and their rights of access to the sites and different interfaces. Authorize to send and to generate reports, and manage the access to strategic information.
The users management of One Door allows to :
Manage your users
Create accounts, limit them in time and renew your licences.
Manage for each use the access to your different sites
Allow access to your sites to defined persons.
Set the access rights
Allow the generation and transmission of reports, authorize or disable access to certain interfaces and dashboards.